Shri Vimalanand Swamiji

Shri Vimalanand Swamiji is founder of Kolluru Shri Sadguru Nithyananda Ashram. He is disciple sacrosanct of Sadguru Shri Nithyananda among few.

Once Vimalananda Swamiji with his Ashram’s elders went Ganeshpuri to meet shri Nithyananda Gurudeva. While entering to Gurudeva’s holy room, Vimalanand Swamiji found a yellow lighted room with a person who is having 4 hands, and wearing a crown and holding some chakra in his hand like god Vishnu, by seeing this Vimalanand Swamiji with a fear bowed to him. At a movement Gurudeva said “get up…had lunch?”. When Vimalanand Swamiji got up he saw a simple man wearing a loin cloth. After that Nithyananda gurudeva went and wrote a plus mark ‘+’ on the wall and murmured something himself. Since from that day Vimalanand Swamiji’s mind completely changed and filled with godly feelings.

As months passed once Gurudeva ordered Vimalanand Swamiji to serve in Vaikunta ashram, Vaikunta Ashram means todays “ Samadhi mandir” named as Vaikunta ashram , where Gurudeva lived a couple of years before.

As Gurudeva’s command Vimalanand Swamiji served in Vaikunta ashram for nine years, He had seen many glory of Gurudeva and got his grace, after this Gurudeva commanded Vimalanand Swamiji to visit Kashi, Nashik and Kaniangadu. Vimalanand Swamiji obeyed his command and returned to Ganeshpuri, when he refurned Gurudeva asked him to take bath, after bathing Gurudeva chanted Sanyasi, Sanyasi, Sanyasi 3 times and he gave Sanyasi Deeksha and commanded him to go to kollur. Before leaving Gurudeva asked Vimalanand, “What you want?” Swamiji said, ” I want you Gurudeva” For that gurudeva agreed and gifted him a piece of blanket and send off Vimalanand .

Shri Vimalanand Swamiji

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