Welcome to Sri Sadguru Nithyananda
Ashram Kollur

Biography in a nutshell.

Before leaving the body Vimalanand Swamiji gave some sign to his Shishyas, this tomb was built near Gurudeva matt.

Sadguru Nithyananda Ashram Kollur
Sadguru Nithyananda Ashram Kollur

In the year 1960 Shri Vimalanand Swamiji came to Kollur and lived an a small hut, Now the same hut has became Nithyananda Ashram.

Sadguru Nithyananda gurudeva
Sadguru Nithyananda gurudeva

He performed thousands of miracles giving relief to the grief stricken devotees and liberated them from mundane bondage.

Sri Vimalanand Swamiji
Sri Vimalanand Swamiji

He is founder of Kolluru Sri Sadguru Nithyananda Ashram. He is disciple sacrosanct of Sadguru Sri Nithyananda among few.

“Sri Sadguru Nithyananda Ashram is situated near Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple. Kollur Mookambika temple is among the most important shrines for Hindus in India.”


“Shri Vimalanand Swamiji is founder of Sri Sadguru Nithyananda Ashram Kollur…”

Vimalanand Swamiji do not celebrate punyathithi because he believes that his Guru, Gurudeva is not lost his life, he is alive. On 2nd june 2014  afternoon at 12.30 shri Vimalanand Swamiji was died. 

“Nithyananda Gurudeva never
belonged to any caste and
creed so there is no
discriminations and every one worship Gurudeva.”

On April’s Chaitra Pournami annual function and Annadaana is held. Daily thrikala pooja, Paaduka Abhisheka is held. Annadanam and staying facility to ‘Saints’ will be made on daily basis

Sri Sadguru Nithyananda Nagaraja Trust has plan to build Balabojana and Lodging houses to ashrama’s devotees